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Batch payouts

Batch payouts

If you have already configured payment methods for separate payouts and successfully handled your first transactions, you can optimise the time spent using batch payouts.

Package payments allow to send up to 1000 payments from one currency account to different cards and accounts using any of the connected methods, if necessary - with conversion to other currencies. All you need to do is prepare the file in .csv format and load it into the Dashboard.

Use Cases

Business Use Case
Advertising and affiliates Pay global affiliates without manually verifying their identities
Digital gaming Pay in-game winnings
Insurance Process and send payouts for claims
Loyalty programs Send earnings to customers through their preferred digital wallet
Online travel Pay event organisers, ticketing platforms, and create travel marketplaces
Retail and marketplaces Manage payments from shoppers and pay sellers on their platform
Staff management Pay salaries, bonuses and other staff entitlements