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Corefy allows you to safely accept payments from customers sent in various ways, including bank cards, electronic wallets, mobile payments, payments through payment terminals—in national currencies of different countries, in electronic and cryptocurrencies. Whichever set of services you choose to connect, the process of connection, configuration, and then acceptance of payments are almost identical.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a single gateway for making payments through connected payment providers using a single protocol. It supports interoperability between different payment systems, providing secure confirmation of credit card data or customer’s electronic wallet, availability of funds and receipt of payment.

A unique feature of Corefy payment gateway is the intelligent routing of payments, which makes it possible to dynamically determine the optimal route for each transaction based on channel availability, client location, device type and card type, the currency of payment and other parameters.

Plus, the cascading technology we use allows us to receive payment on alternative routes in cases where the payment system fails.


You can optimize the costs of exchanging currencies by opening several currency accounts and using them for payments using different payment services.