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Payout Gateway

Payout Gateway is a part of Corefy Payment Infrastructure to initiate and manage payouts. This gateway enables you to securely initiate financial transactions within connected payment providers so that you can pay your independent contractors, freelancers, publishers, affiliates, influencers, suppliers, and employees anywhere around the world. You can make both batch and single payouts from any of your currency accounts.

Configure the payout methods once—and you will no longer have to spend time validating data in different accounts, taking care of currency conversion and local payment system features. And you can be sure that the transaction passes quickly and safely.

There are three options for making payments using Corefy:

Depending on the set of connected services, it is possible to make payouts on the recipient's payment details or on the saved card token (in case of using tokenisation on the previous payment). It is also feasible to automatically split and pay large sums in instalments, to make partial payments as necessary, to re-send payment in case of irregularities on the acquirer side, and much more.

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